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Heading - "The Parachute Project, Art Therapy in Covid-19 recovery",


Each person on the planet has been somehow affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been times when the uncertainty left us feeling confused, worried, scared. We may have felt alone, or impatient for a return to something “normal.” Within us, with our loved ones, and our larger community, we harnessed immense inner strength to confront a formidable and unexpected global upheaval. 

Today, we look forward to the future with hope. Let us explore the perspectives, experiences, skills or qualities you have realized as we move towards a post-pandemic recovery. We may have learned how to become bakers or poets. We might have changed the ways in which we see the world, appreciating the many aspects of our lives with more gratitude. Or, maybe we discovered ways to find new meaning in the lives we live. It is now time to set our sights to new destinations as we shift our focus towards healing and growth, rather than pain and isolation.


The parachute project seeks to bring forth the strength, hope and resilience of our community - a community that is linked all around the world as we find new pathways forward, together. This initiative, open to all, invites the global community to upcycle their masks through artistry. To experience the potential of creativity in healing. It is designed with a facilitator’s guide for teachers and parents and a self-guided reflection tool for anyone who would like to join! 


We invite you to browse through our guides. Submit a photograph of yourself wearing your designed mask (or artwork on a paper). Share your thoughts and experiences. And then, send us your original mask/ art! We will carefully join each mask and each work of art together to build a giant parachute.


giant parachute to help us land safely together. 


Who are the visionaries? Click the pictures below to see who shares in this goal to celebrate the growth accomplished. You are joining the community with  your courage to express, wisdom to share, creativity to enlighten and compassion towards others. Thank you!

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